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In the Steps of Pioneers

The rural community of Wasco County, Oregon has been the site of pioneers since times immemorial. Some of the oldest Native American settlements and archaelogical artifacts in North America have been discovered in this area. In more recent times, the wheat farms of settlers, the construction of the first large-scale hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River, and the deployment of high-power wind turbine farms have pioneered the changes in lifestyles and landscapes of the country.


Today, Wasco County is the geographic focus of our development work. Wasco County is blessed with the right combination of people, environment and resources that allows New Century Block and Chain LLC to deploy at scale the high-performance blockchain computing machinery that represents another pioneering step forward in business computing.

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Local Workforce

High technology investments such as ours benefit local communities in many ways. Three of them deserve special mention due to their lasting postivie impact. The first one is the development of a capable local workforce through the availablility of the technically complex and challenging tasks required by New Century Block and Chain LLC facilities.

Local Manufacturing

As much as possible, we source our specialized deployment infrastructure locally. The net result is the development of local manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

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Local Technology

After the first benefit (people), and the second benefit (ability), the third benefit most worthy of note is knowledge. Facilities such as the New Century Block and Chain LLC data center in The Dalles, Oregon rely on advanced cooling and deployment technologies such as those of Amity Labs LLC. These technologies are not only locally built - but also locally invented and engineered, thereby contributing to the intellectual capital vested in the local communities where we work. 

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